Thursday, November 19, 2015

An Unexpected Death; A Caitlyn Jamison Mystery – Published!

This is the photo used for the cover
This day didn’t seem attainable a year ago when I began this novel. The key to success was plot lines I felt passionate about and a writing partner who encouraged me every step of the way. She even provided me with the virtual head slap when I was having second thoughts about publishing at all.

It took two proofs before I felt comfortable to publish. The first one was marked up with all sorts of edits. In the second, I found a couple misspellings, missing end quotes, missing words. Nothing major, but every detail counts when you face careful readers.

Am I a nervous wreck? Absolutely, and I wonder if every first time author feels this way.

It is now up to my protagonist Caitlyn Jamison and Sheriff Ethan Ewing to strut their stuff, solve the crimes and bring justice to Upstate New York. They run into a number of obstacles along the way, but I have every confidence that they will be successful.

My only wish is that readers enjoy the story.


  1. This photo is a wonderful addition to your book's cover. It really gives a sense of the natural beauty of the part of New York where Caitlyn Jamison and Sheriff Ewing strut their stuff!

  2. Marian: Thanks for the vote of confidence. And for suggesting the little icon on the spine. It really adds a lot and makes the book stand out from all the rest!