Saturday, May 21, 2016

Character Development

A lovely honorarium for my book talk to the Falls Run Del Webb book group

As a first time author I remain humbled by the reaction to my book, An Unexpected Death, its plot lines and characters.

I have a neighbor who has wagged her finger in my face more than once telling me she was so glad I “took on fracking.” I never meant to, really. You might call that an accidental plot line. As a writer, there are times in the process when the characters take over. They develop their personalities and sometimes that leads to plot line development.

The environmental issue came about because I needed to have Nick doing something. And then all these articles started to appear in the Economist and in the local Upstate NY newspapers about fracking. One thing leads to another, and I was able to share information about that process – never meaning to come down on one side or the other. But apparently my characters did.

I gave a book talk to a neighboring active adult community on Wednesday evening. A few women arrived early, so we were able to chat in an intimate setting. It was apparent these women were involved in the story and with the characters. They care (are concerned) about what happens to Caitlyn and Ethan. One woman asked, fearfully, about Abbie and Tim. Is she all right? The answer is yes. I was going to have the couple play a minor role in the next book, but hearing this woman’s concern about Abbie’s health, I may have them play a larger role.

I am frequently asked if I have always written.  The answer they don’t expect is no. Except for genealogy writing, this was my first attempt. I have not taken the traditional writing path.

From the questions asked on Wednesday, I will be reworking my Keynote presentation to include answers to those questions and concerns at my next scheduled talk at England Run Library on October 1.

Thank you, ladies.

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