Sunday, May 22, 2016

Writing Journal

While writing my first book I used a lined pad next to my computer where I tracked my progress for each writing session. For the second Caitlyn Jamison mystery I’m doing something similar, but my notes are in a journal. I keep track of what I’ve accomplished in each writing session, as well as ideas for plot lines and character development. The book is easy to take along wherever I go, so if I see something or think of something, I can make a quick note.

In today’s writing session I rewrote Chapter One. The reason is because the characters and plot lines have developed to the point that how the characters were originally portrayed in Chapter One is no longer relevant. I had to rework them to fit into the expanded plot line and in that process I ended up splitting the chapter into two.

Today’s entry reads: “Rewrote Chapter One to better reflect story development. Split Chapter One into Steve’s thoughts; Chapter Two is Caitlyn driving north; Chapter Three is Tracy’s POV.” I then note the page number in which to begin my next session.

The journal also allows me to easily go back to revisit early notes and ideas – items that can easily be forgotten as the story line progresses.

I’m excited to have reached the halfway mark in the story! Back to writing.

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