Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pixie Dust

My four year old grandson is into Peter Pan and Tinker Bell at the moment. After much thought and consideration, he told his father one morning that he didn’t think there was any pixie dust in the town where they live. I guess that could be up for debate.

Writer/agent Peter Maass talks about pixie dust as that magical substance that makes a story delightful. He poses the question: “What are you putting into your work in progress that will provide that kind of delight for your readers?” What will your pixie dust be?

A few of his pixie dust suggestions include: What foods delight you; what music transports you; what was your greatest adventure; a moment that tugged your heart. Put these emotions, tastes, smells into your writing. It is they that provide the magic.

Mr. Maass’s post has given me a lot to think about as I strive to make my next book even better.

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