Saturday, December 19, 2015


I have learned that not everyone knows how or is comfortable with posting a book review on Amazon. Instead, they send a personal note, and those bring tears to my eyes. The notes are heartfelt and have provided me with the incentive to keep writing.

The first note came in early December:

It’s written in English - Semicolons, grammatical structure, no dangling participles. A rarity in the 21st century. So far, big kudos. The amount of research this took must have been daunting.

Great smoke screens surrounding the killer … interesting characters with back stories that kept you guessing.  What I am most waiting for you to explore is the husband of the town clerk, Penny Mitchell – the genealogist. I bet he could bring a lot to the plot of the next mystery.

Great job. Big, big, big, big congratulations. You did it!!! – Reader, December 2015

Not only did I get a thumbs up from this voracious reader (and who works in a Chicago book store), but she also told me what she wants to see me develop in the next book.

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