Saturday, January 23, 2016

It Should Be About the Journey

In the second Caitlyn Jamison mystery she is back in Riverview for a few days to take photos for her friend’s winery brochure. It is Caitlyn’s misfortune that a man is found dead, under suspicious circumstances, on the day she arrives.

Writing progress has started and stopped several times because I feel I need to create a story as good or better than the last one. I believe that writers have a “contract” with their readers to educate and entertain, and not disappoint. That’s the quandary.

My writing partner and I have had several emails back and forth about this issue. She said, “You (the writer) spend all this time writing in isolation, worry, working, rewriting …and then the book is out and people are reading it and asking when the next one is coming.” She’s right!

I am so pleased that people are reading my book and enjoying the story. I have also come to realize that I should put aside the pressure, and just write, because as with the first book, the writing process should be about the journey.